MaClean is the name for most efficient and technically superior for Industrial R.O. based water treatment plants, water softener and multi grade filters.
Demand Initiated Water Softener System
Simple Push Button Programming Allows you to
monitor and control every function and cycle. Allowing you to meter your water usage. Regenerating only when necessary. No need to set holiday settings, just soft, filtered water when you need it. Regeneration is delayed to a time when softened water is not required.
Meter with Elbows & Bypass Valve
The optional elbows make
it possible to fit the softener into tight spaces.
Seamless Resin Tank
Seamless construction.
No glue joints or heat
welded bonds to fail.
Will Not Rust.
Simple Cartridge
Allows fast valve rebuilding,
which provides continued
service for years.
Full Flow Bypass
Vacuum Breaker - Self Leveling Base Cyclone Distributor - Dual Safety Brine Valve Hefty - Salt Storage Tank - Exclusive Multilevel Salt Support.
MacCLEAN Products
are sold and serviced by
thousands of plumbers,
well drilling contractors
and pump installers.
  MaCLEAN Water

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